Recently, our Wayne State 2011 Capstone team finished our neighborhood study on Woodbridge, a neighborhood adjacent to Detroit’s Midtown. Our client was the Woodbridge Citizen’s District Council, a locally elected body that oversees (in some regards) the neighborhood as a whole. We held meetings, canvassed neighborhoods, surveyed the land, interviewed residents, researched solutions, walked around until we thought the heat would consume us, and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning finishing powerpoints and paper formattings.

The result of our 15 weeks of study was a tome spanning over 90 pages in length. It breaks down as follows:

  • The Woodbridge Context
  • Woodbridge Parcel Survey
  • Community Engagement
  • Market Survey
  • Key Issues
  • Short Term Strategies and Tactics
  • Long Term Strategies and Tactics
  • Implementation
  • Appendices
Click here to download the report,  extract the .zip file and you will find a readable .pdf.
Overall, I would consider things a success. We pulled it off, and even found people such as city council member Ken Cockrel and state senator Coleman Young Jr. at public meetings we put on. The important thing? It’s finally over.